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We do not intend to offer any medication or medical advice. We only sell Ginger based Food and Beverage.

© 2016 by Ginger Blaast 


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 Ivy City 1369 New York Avenue NE

Washington, DC 20002


Contact Phone : (757) 693-0925


About US

Elyon Group Inc.

 is a family company, and

 Ginger Blaast

is our Brand

Family Company, Elyon Group Inc. is a company devoted among other things that promotes consumption of Ginger as everyday drink by introducing to the market place Ginger Blaast, a Brand of 4plus natural ginger manufactured products through our online store www.GingerBlaast.com. Our company wants people to reap maximum health benefits of eating ginger through our high-quality ginger goodies. We bring in the market place Ginger Blast Concentrate, Cocktail mixer, Pancake Syrup and Dipping Sauce, all made out of natural ginger juice {Milk} freshly squeezed out of natural ginger roots in an amplified and concentrated form, containing No Artificial flavors, sweeteners, color or preservatives.


The many health benefits of eating ginger and incorporating ginger in daily diet are becoming more evident through scientific and medical research. Ginger has been known to not only prevent many common health issues, it has also been proven to treat certain ailments nausea or morning sickness and digestive tract illnesses. Daily intake of ginger also promotes good health because it is known to lower cholesterol. Health experts suggest incorporating ginger as a form of healthy juice, which can now be achieved more easily using our Natural Ginger Juice Concentrate, Cocktail mixer, Pancake Syrup and Dipping Sauce made by Ginger Blaast.

“Enjoy chilled or serve it hot as a morning wake up call, an afternoon pick me up or evening soother. Simply mix a bit in a glass of iced water or a cup of hot water for tea, stir and enjoy!!

A daily use of this all natural, refreshing drink will help keep you in harmony all day.


Different cultures and regions around the world have been using the medicinal powers of ginger to heal. Ginger is closely related to turmeric, cardamom and galangal. Similar to other plants, ginger is a very complex mixture of compounds, containing several hundred known constituents, including beta-carotene, capsaicin, caffeic acid and curcumin. 


Ginger juice contains gingerol that offers the most healing properties ginger is known for.Ginger Blaast also offers many other ginger based goodies on our online store.



          Our Ingredient Commitment

     A composition of Ginger Milk, (extracted juice from fresh roots) Lemon juice and sugar: these are three ingredients that turn Ginger roots to a natural soft and sweet beverage. We do not need to lecture on the benefits of Ginger as they are developed throughout the internet and every Ginger Lover can choose among the many uses.


     We have come to help ease the way Ginger is consumed by making a product that mixes as just one click into your glass or cup, or on your cake or as a dip, this is called evolution. Some love to add Ginger in their recipes or meals, but it takes a bit of time to be ready it; GB Products are quite innovative because they give our customers readymade and all natural ginger goodies.


    Ginger Blaast products are FDA compliant, analyzed and set up by NUTRIDATA, CA. GB products have a substantial shelve life for Natural beverages.


    Ginger Processing’ equipments are not found in the market place.  We have engineered them through testing and have sourced them where they could provide the best quality ratio to manufacture an outstanding product that can sell worldwide; Ginger roots are thoroughly cleaned as well as ginger milk is cleaned of all vegetal debris before blending them for the best quality result. This has earned us a higher ranking among Amazon shoppers for many years, which has galvanized our determination to move our dream of ownership of a Ginger manufacturing plant in the US. Ginger Blaast Company is now headquartered in Bowie Maryland.